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​Pei Fang Oslo to Windy Cove/NI

Panda at 6 months

Panda being Awarded Best Puppy in Sweeps at NECGH under Judge Mrs. Nancy Jane Pincus.

Panda at 5 weeks

Panda in the yard with Selly, Tinker, and Shocker.

Panda's Show Career


​Panda is one of the two puppies we kept from the Ace & Oslo litter.  Our lovely Ace/Oslo daughter.  She moves beautifully, has a short correct coat, dark brown eyes, full dentition and a lovely tight center curl tail.  She is so patient--the perfect dog for Sarah to work with in Juniors.  She and Sarah's mom Mandy are busy learning all sorts of new things.

​She is Co-Bred with RiverWind by:

  • ​Joe and Marie Peterson  Windy Cove Norwegian Elkhounds
  • Lee Ann Breading  WindShadow Norwegian Elkhounds
  • ​Sarah Smithers

​​She is Co-Owned with us by Mandy Smithers

AKC#  HP188089/02

DOB:  12-14-2005

Panda is pictured here at the 2016 NEAA National Specialty Show.  

Mandy Smithers & Panda are competing in Rally Obedience, where they earned Panda's 3rd leg of the Rally Novice title.


Sarah Smithers is showing Panda in the Veterans Sweepstakes and also in Conformation.   

Panda going WB, BOW, BOS for a 3 Point Major on 9-16-2006 at Trinity Valley KC under Judge Mr. Joe C. Walton.  Presented by Lee Ann Breading

Panda's Parents

Panda Growing Up

Panda at 12.5 weeks


  • ​Panda was Best Puppy is Sweeps at the NECGH July Specialty under Judge Mrs. Nancy Jane Pincus.Panda was WB and then BOW from the Bred By Exhibitor Class for a 3 Point Major at the Greater Collin KC show on 09-18-2006 under Judge Caarol Esterkin.
  • ​Panda was WB, BOW, and BOS from the Bred By Exhibitor Class for a 3 Point Major at the Trinity Valley KC show on 9-16-2006 under judge Joe C. Walton.
  • ​Panda was WB from the Bred By Exhibitor Class at the Greater Collin KC show under Judge Miss M. Ann Schwartz. 


​CH Windy Cove Dasher's Winning Ace

Panda sitting with Sarah and Tinker.

Panda At Home

Panda watching Puppy Angel.

Panda finishing her Championship at Oklahoma City KC in 2007.