Dad (In Norway)

N J(L) CH" Storm 08287/04 HD

​A Proven Hunting Dog

Krystal at 8 weeks


(U.S. born but total Norwegian Pedigree)

​Our wonderful gift from Ray and Merle Beathard/Comera Norwegian Elkhounds.  Oh My!  What a cutie she is!!

​Bred by:

  • Ray and Merle Beathard  Comera Norwegian Elkhounds

Co-Owned with RiverWind by:

  • ​Joe and Marie Peterson  Windy Cove Norwegian Elkhounds
  • Lee Ann Breading  WindShadow Norwegian Elkhounds

Kristal is at home in California with Sarah Cheek and her family.

AKC#  HP34553603

​DOB:  04-20-2009

​CERF Eyes:  NE1007/2010-9    Clear​​

​OFA Elbows:  NE-EL135F-28-VPI    Normal 

Krystal's Show Career

RiverWindShadow Windy Cove Nordic Krystal

Krystal at 12 weeks


Lekasen's Selma 12828/04 HD: Norwegian Import

Krystal At Home

Krystal Growing Up

Krystal at 5 months

Krystal's Parents